Valet Specialties

WePark offers a variety of valet parking services specially tailored to each clients unique needs. Our experienced team will locate an on- or off-site location to valet park cars, while providing exceptional hospitality and customer service. The benefit of a valet parking service is the upscale, white-glove ambiance your guests will experience. Not only does service increase parking safety and efficiency, but it delivers a memorable experience and a positive first and last impression for your guests.


Valet parking services at restaurants are very specialized and require strategic planning and execution to ensure operations are safe, efficient, and effective. WePark is dedicated to understanding your restaurant’s needs, creating a strategic plan of action and delivering a tailored service that establishes a welcoming relationship with your customer. Professional attendants, equipment and operations provide value to the restaurant by enhancing the venue’s ambiance through our white-glove customer care and value-added efficiency in getting customers into the restaurant, and then back on the road after a wonderful dining experience.


Private events are the hallmark of WePark’s services. Our team understands the specialized attention each event requires and the importance of strategic planning for successful execution. Unlike traditional valet services provided to restaurants and resorts, private events are often annual or one-time operations. Meaning first and last impressions are the most important aspect of successfully delivering highest, best value to the host and/or caterer. That’s why WePark focuses in designing event parking processes catered to each event’s distinct parking and logistical requirements. These may include directing traffic, valet parking cars, parking lot management or even a combination of all three. Our white-glove approach enables our crew to quickly establish a warm, inviting rapport with event guests to build on a positive memorable experience. WePark’s professional attire, equipment and operations are a welcome complement any event and will enhance the overall ambiance and guest enjoyment. Request a free quote today!


Valet parking services is a must-have for any luxury resort. Members and guests expect professional, personal and convenient services when visiting resorts. WePark is committed to enhancing your resort’s appearance through delivery of exceptional service tailored to your resort’s unique and needs. Our team understands the importance of positive impressions and will provide professional service that will exceed guest’s expectations.


Whether its sporting events, concerts, comedy shows or political events, the WePark team of trained professionals are ready to assist your venue with all its parking needs. From valet parking to traffic control, WePark’s strategic planning and efficient program execution will improve parking safety and efficiency for all your fans, patrons and guests. Team members are trained to direct traffic, park cars and assist handicap patrons all while making your guest feel welcome and appreciated.


Good parking lot Management is critical for all venues, commercial properties or private events. It maximizes parking efficiency and improves traffic flow into and from the property Owners of commercial properties often carry a huge liability when hosting events at their property. Leave it to the professionals at WePark to strategize a custom parking solution that relieves the hassle and headache of parking management. Whether weekly commuter parking management or hosting guests for the big game, our team will assist in establishing operations to ensure there is efficient use of your parking facilities including surface lots, parking garages and fields (grass, dirt, gravel) all while freeing you and your team up to focus on other pressing issues or just enjoying the weekend.

WePark proudly parks the finest rides throughout Northeast Florida, including Jacksonville, our beautiful beaches, Ponte Vedra, Nocatee, Orange Park and Saint Johns.
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